Prïnceps (stylised as :princeps, pronounced prins-eps) are a London based electronic rock duo consisting of singer Renz Byrne and bassist and producer Marko Press. The two have worked together for years, forming Prïnceps when their previous band split up in 2018. Their name is inspired by their mutual love of Ancient Rome (Press’s home city) and the video game ‘Rome: Total War’.

Described as a fusion of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Bring Me The Horizon and The Used, Prïnceps’ influences range far and wide. They have covered a wide range of genres, the only common theme being that they must love the songs, as well as releasing their own original music.

With their contrasting mix of high energy, positive dance music and nihilistic and dark lyrics, perhaps Prïnceps are the perfect band for this new age with its constantly changing landscape.